Gamma Hyperia
Image taken by the last reseach drone, while leaving the system. This drone also took image of Gamma Hyperia with almost entire nebulae on it.
Type: Rock Planet
Orbital Distance: 2 AU
Orbital Period: 1.6 Earth Years
Radius: 10 442 km
Day Length: 26 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 1.2 atm
Surface Temp: -10 - 34 °C
Surface Gravity: 1.1 g
Mass: 1.3 Earth masses
Natural Satellites: 0

An unhabited rocky world in the Gamma Hyperia system with very low amount of flora and fauna, which was discovered very recently after the nearby nebula quickly receded. How the planet keeps it's atmosphere is a scientific mystery, but it is theorized to have some relation to the nebula nearby. While there are no reported sentient beings living on the planet, there has been pirate activity reported in the past, but whether these bases are still active is unkown. Under the surface of the planet there are rich deposits of gold and other metals and Nuqeadir. Officially, no races have stated any intention of colonizing this planet in the immediate future.


Akei'la was discovered four years ago by an automated reconnaissance drone, and before that the entire area was occupied by the nebula. For reasons that still remain unknown, much of the nebula recently receded toward the sun. At the time of discovery there wasn't any serious interest in the planet, mainly due to it's distance from other inhabited worlds.


Even today, very little is known about Akei'la and despite having been visited by several more research drones, little more is known about the planet.