Citali communicate through electro magnetism, these waves correspond to light movement on their bodies. A private lightshow with every conversation. One must remember though that they communicate with not only the electro magnetism associated with visible light but also with light beyond the visible spectrum, which is why no race has yet been able to decode their language. Their language also is very subtle and translations often hint at their language being one full of nuances and delicacies to the point where misunderstanding is something which doesn't occur between each other only with other races.

An all sphere reads the electro magnetism, it translates it into speech this allows the citali to communicate with other species. In an atmosphere the All sphere generates sound-waves, while in deep space it generates radio-waves keyed to a frequency which all races now keep open and clear, for a Citali message is seen to contain wisdom which one should never overlook.

A strange effect of the all sphere, it also absorbs the electro magnetic energies of the planet xeronsorm.

X-stations, are decorated with thousands of them.