The Human RebellionsEdit

Rebels once travelled away from earth because of disagrements with the government. They formed a new liberal community in the solar system "Rankiri", which all species with a freemind can call home.

The Rebellions are centered on the planet Elpidá which mee
Rebels Logo

The Human Rebellions logo, later the logo used by al humans in the metal wars

ns "Hope".

Martial lawEdit

once the human rebellions were quelled the earth governments ceased exploration of space, the instituted martial law over the human popuation (now restricted to earth save for a few isolated groups) the government created an oid task force to watch over and control the population.

Metal warsEdit

The oids groups worked to well, They kept humanity on lockdown. The began genetic screening of human populations and restricting breeding, they also forced human pairings that were not necessarily compatible, the greatest of their crimes was the killings of up to a billion children. The oids operated under strange logic. They beleived that humanity had to be purged of undesirable seemingly random genetics, not even necessarily anything pertaining to disease. Women who produced multiple children during a birth were forced as many children as possible. People with severe mental handicaps were bred. A massive uprising was needed to destroy the oids, every human on earth, that is to say the vast majority of the human population fought until their population was cut down by two thirds. The result was victory, a world more dead than before, and much of human history lost. Studying their opressors humanity discovered that the oids had planned on making human social tructure more akin to an insect hive, they viewed the insect society as far more perfect than humanity ever would be.


The now unifiedearth government decided it was best to earth for hte most part.