Citlalmina is one of the few known settlements of the Citali. It is a large asteroid field between the Rankeri system and the Kres system, both of which are visible but Rankeri less so. Its radius from its furthest outlier to its centre is the size of a large gas giant, but its mass in total is less than most rock worlds.


Citlalmina is rumoured to be the place where the Citali originated, though they themselves never confirm or deny this belief. Until Citlalmina was found, the Citali were considered a legend and those who saw them as crazy, but when it was found the existence of the Citali was proved for all to see.

Citlalmina TodayEdit

Citlalmina is always bustling, mostly with Citali, but ever since the creation of the nearby space station, more of the other races have taken interest.

The Asteroid field is lit with large luminescent tubes, which are embedded in the asteroids themselves. It appears outwardly to be a large trading community, with much of the inner asteroids devoted to stalls.


The Citali stalls are simple, usually a flat sheet of metal tethered to the nearest asteroid and fitted with a gravity generator which ensures the items stay.

They sell an odd collection of objects, most selling artifacts and objects which the Citali often collect. It is not unusual to see very rare historical items on sale at these stalls. There is of course other stalls which sell Citali technology, such as their interstellar transporters and translation devices which allow the Citali to speak with other races. These stalls though generally do not sell to other species.

Outside trade, while not discouraged, is not prominent. Some others have succeeded in setting up small stalls on the outer edges of Citlalmina and attract much attention from the Citali. These traders say the Citali are polite and always asking questions, but will turn shy at any questions about themselves.