The Deus System is the first artificial system and the only system to be owned entirely by one group, the Rotaris Company. The most peculiar aspect of the Deus System is that it is composed of three stars and no planets. One large star is orbited by two smaller stars.

There are rumored sightings of Oids in the area. However, it has not been confirmed as ships are not allowed into the Deus System. The system is considered private property, thus follows space Law.

Deus - The main star

Angelica - The first orbiting star

Demonia - The second orbiting star

This marvel was achieved through the illegal use of machines styled after old human faster than light engines (this fact did not come to light until long after the system was created). The process took seven years, eight brown dwarves and one gas giant were brought together to form the three stars. The Rotaris Company now uses the system to farm solar power, providing 10% of all power in known space.