Elpida by Falk95

A world that although larger than earth has similiar gravity because of low density, it is a barely habitable world. Though initially settled by humans, it does not fall under human domain. Rather this world was settled by a small group that now runs its own government seperate from the human cooperative. Members of all species now call the planet home, and it is generally seen as a planet where people can get away from the politics of their species and find new lives.

It is located in the rankeri system.

Elpida Today Edit

Elpida is an underground world, the surface being barren and ill-suited to supporting life. The reson for its low density was found to be vast underground caves, thought to have at some point been underground seas. These caves are now filled with buildings and parks. At least half of the world is devoted to off-world markets being essentially a huge shopping mall and tourist destination. The other half though is only open to permanent residents and their guests.