The Enkirid are a species of aquatic, pentapodal (five limbed), crustacean-like sapient aliens, that exist in large numbers on numerous worlds in both fresh and salt water. Their homeworld is Pandriki.

They are generally placid, living peacefully in large underwater hives, and choosing to maintain formal diplomatic contact with other sapient species. However outsiders are rarely trusted fully, and cultural interactions are typically limited to only official matters. This is in part because their culture and physiology are vastly incompatible with land dwelling intelligent species, making intellectual reference points difficult to establish. Because of this Enkirid culture appears very private, as they choose a largely solitary existence avoiding most aliens and disclosing few secrets to other species. But not to the same extent as the human and citali, they are generally more sociable than citali, and they divulge more secrets than humans.

Only a chosen few members of alien societies have managed to dedicate themselves to the study of Enkiridian culture thorough enough to be accepted by these unusual creatures. It is from these rare specialists that our entire knowledge of their race is accumulated.


An adult Enkirid fully unfolded from its conical shell and with its manipulatory appendages fully extended.

Physiology & EvolutionEdit

Although the Enkirid have never officially disclosed the biological history of their race, a cursory study of their physiology indicates that they evolved from a species not dissimilar to now extinct Earth shellfish. They carry overlapping armored plates on their back designed to repel attacks from large aquatic predators and house delicate internal organs, underneath the shell is soft flesh supported by tightly woven muscle clusters instead of bones. The Enkirid are true invertebrates, with no skull or definitive brain stem. Instead nerve clusters spread throughout the body relay physical sensation and thought processes, acting much like the structural interactions commonly seen Human or other sapient brains.

When threatened an Enkirid can curl into their shell, leaving only their eyes and three lower legs exposed to skuttle away to safety.

The Enrkid are far larger than most sapient species, standing at nearly 10 meters tall. Their relatively large stature is a result of their aquatic development, and the abundance of available food in their ocean habitat.

Young enkirid stand 2.5 meters tall, looking nearly identical to their adult counterparts, save for the fact that their shells have less sharp edges, are considerably paler. As young they are in fact less capable of surviving in outside of water, requiring mechanical aid to breath.

Enkirid are born as soft eggs, the youth emerge full sized. The youth stage lasts about fifty sol years, at which point they begin a long painful molting process (lasts about three sol years) and become full grown.

Away from homeEdit

In a starport or other location where roruk, suracke, and humans are found you will likely find an enkirid aswell, but never as many as the other races, and never fewer than citali. Because of their large size typically only the youth of the species interact with the galaxy at large.