The fighting tournament is the darkest part of roruk culture, there are no other events like it in known space but the closest known ritual is a human funeral. After the tournament, the new king has endured much suffering. The roruk believe that one who is hard working and has gone through many trials, will rule in peace, not war.


First communities from across all roruk territories in known space elect a candidate, the candidate then gathers with a group of close friends and family, the candidate says his goodbye before leaving for the fighting tournement, the candidate is then put through rigorous mental exercises until he is mentally drained, once in this state the roruk is isolated for three days without any food, water, or light. Electric shocks are used to prevent sleep. Approximatly half of the candidates make it through this process, all the others loose their minds.

After this process is complete they are allowed food water and sleep normally until the next phase begins


The remaining roruk are paired, forced to work together to survive hunting beasts in the jungles of their homeworld for three days using minimal short range weaponry. The remaining roruk are then gathered and re-paired, the process is repeated until only about two dozen remain.


The remaining roruk are taken to the kings palace, they are put through the same mental exercises they were at the beginning of the ritual, they are then pitted against each other one on one, the only people allowed to attend these battles are the loved ones of candidates and the current king. They watch in horror as the kill each other until only one remains, this final roruk becomes the new king. There are no rules concerning what happens with the old king he is free to chose what he becomes, several kings have chosen to be slain by there successors most others just fade into the forests to live amongst tribal, or primal members of their species.