The Forseti system is composed of 3 terrestrial worlds and 2 gas giants that orbit an F class star. The system is home to a human led multi-planet mining operation primarily fronted by TerrEx, and to the Hakato Drive Systems' (HDS) main research station and shipyard. The system contains 2 habitable worlds, Ullr and Sigurd, though the latter exists on the edge of the habitable zone and suffers from severe temperatres durring the winter. Most of HDS's research facilites, as well as associated support industries, are located on Ullr, while TerrEx heads up most of the mining operations on Sigurd.

The third terrestrial planet, Vali, is also heavily mined, but due to its extreme temperature and atmospheric pressure, it is only accessible via robotic telepresence. The other planets, Thor and Baldur are both hydrogen-helium gas giants with little to distinguish them. HDS has several gas extraction and processing facilities that float through each giant's atmosphere as part of a fuel production program.

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