Hakato Drive Systems is the largest and one of the oldest human interstellar engine manufacturers. HDS started prior to the destruction of Venus and Mercury and primary focus on designing and testing some of the first quantum displacement FTL drives, and after the complete abandonment of slipstream technology, they became the premier manufacturer of FTL engines. Eventually, HDS established several lines of ships and today their catalogue covers everything from personal yachts to freighters and passenger ships. HDS also has many military contracts with governments throughout known space, several of which come from Terra, which is also the location of its head office.


HDS has facilities in numerous systems, and their most recent and largest addition is the Ullr shipyard, which itself consists of over 50 orbiting dry docks, each designed to handle any class of ship. The entire complex covers all steps in the creation of the ship. from design, through manufacture to final assembly. On the planet itself are the manufacturing facilities and research and design lab, which became HDS's primary research location upon the facility's completion. HDS moved most of their research staff to Ullr and shut down its older facilities when the Ullr complex was complete.

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