The Lamia, often known as the space shark looks nothing like a shark. It is in fact squid-like, named instead after its vicious temperament. Like the Citali they dwell primarily in space and share some characteristics.


The Lamia, much like the Citali have a translucent body lit by the lights of their neurological signals. Their eyes are concentrated red lights. The lamia's body is shaped much like that of a squid, having a pointed top, elongated body and tentacle like protrusions from one end. Unlike the Citali the Lamia have no skeleton and weak muscles, thus preventing it from living within any sizeable gravity field, like that of a planet.

The move through space by creating bursts of energy from an orifice in the centre of its tentacles. It also uses these energy bursts to attack and disintegrate food, so it is able to consume it through that same orifice.

They are immune to most forms of energy weapons as well as radiation. Ballistic weapons will harm them but it takes a lot to dispose of them, this makes them the terrors of space. A large explosion though is usually enough for it to leave the area, one from a large missile should suffice.


At first the energy bursts were used to disintegrate asteroids for consumption, then as the Lamia became a predator it began also to feed on Cadassi, Melusine and sometimes even the Citali. As other races gained space travel the Lamia turned to space craft as a more nutritious meal, but will still hunt Cadassi now and then.

It has been rumoured that some Lamia have been domesticated by the Citali as guard dogs and mounts.