Leftrathons (Left-ra-thon), standing at just 70cm when on all legs, are large species of herbivore from the planet of Skiel. The Leftrathon, although largely wild, can be domesticated and may be eaten, with the meat tasting much like bacon, due to the salt water which they drink.


The Leftrathon eats mainly grass found on the plains, and bark from trees. as food is scarce these animals are able to survive on very little food. As their metabolism is very slow these creatures put on weight very quickly, making them ideal food. Salt is important in their diet as it helps them to sustain energy whilst unable to find food.

A Leftrathon litter contains up to 7 cubs and they have a life span of 3 years.


Leftrathon survival is very poor. They have only one eye to survey the environment, but their eye sight is extreamely good, and can see for upto 1000 metres away. They are, however extremely slow runners due to the amount of fat they carry and therefore, are very easy to catch.