The Melusine, or space whale, is a very interesting beast. It shares many characteristics with its Lamia and Cadassi cousins but also has some obvious differences.

Physiology Edit

Like the Lamia and Cadassi the Melusine is squid-like in shape, but unlike its cousins its body is longer and tentacles shorter in comparison to its total length.

The most obvious difference though is their size, the Melusine dwarf most ships, their size averages closer to that of a large Space Liner but some have been seen as being bigger. It has been recently found that the Melusine never stop growing and like the Citali they do not appear to age.

The Melusine are commonly a washed out blue colour due to this being the primary colour of the lights beneath their skin, and their eyes are just a slightly stronger blue.

The Melusine survive mostly off energy they store, gaining the few minerals they need by passing through nebulae. Being travellers by nature melusine use this energy sparingly, usually using it only at the beginning of a journey. When beginning a journey Melusine release the entire contents of their energy belly, which they have often been building for a few years beforehand. This initial burst shoots them far and fast into space. During their journey they gain energy through a chemical reaction to photosynthesis storing energy from the stars, this energy is then reserved for when they need to manoeuvre.

History Edit

Always far travellers wild melusine can be seen all through known space, but are quite rare. They also have a history of domestication, before the Citali developed their space engine families of Citali would journey to other places on the backs of the melusine. These journeys could take centuries or even millennia but it is confirmed that melusine can live much longer and rumoured that Citali can live just as long.

No one is sure how long this has been happening but it is believed the Citali are the oldest of the five races by possibly millions upon millions of years thus showing that through this method the Citali and the other forms of space born life may be further spread through this universe than we ever expected.

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