An enkirid drug runner

Personal historyEdit

High above the maniac world, the space stations carved into rock, slowly they circled the planet. The only thing protecting the inhabitants of X-stations were small round spheres, nelki was an old enkirid, soon he would begin his physical adulthood, and he would have to retreat to enkirid worlds. He had to use his time well, but cirumstances forbade it, he had obligations. HE needed to deliver just one last package of wild blood to numen then he would begin his tour of the universe, before settling down.

Numen was a strange planet, unusually cold he didnt like it very much, but after delivering the wild blood to his client he toured the world anyways. He even got to witness the defense of a city against a segoth. He intended to visit all of the habitable worlds in the local bubble so his next stop was pamath, if numen was misreable pamath was hell, He had to wear his breathing gear constantly, there was no water, and it seemed like the natives were constantly on the move. But the sand, for some reason it made him feel easy, it wasnt like the beaches of numen, it was loose and shifting constantly. It reminded him of the ocean even.