New Crete. You can see a ring of supercities and starship bases along the coastlines and island chains, with a few large mining operations deeper inland. Because of easy access to advanced flying vehicles the planet has very few roads.

New Crete is the third world in the Memrus system, a planet used primarily as a docking and refueling station for starships delivering the vast food stores grown on the agricultural worlds Jeh and Hej to the rest of the galaxy.

Unlike Jeh and Hej (whose varied temperate climates allow for large scale food production of a variety of crops) New Crete is a frigid world, with an average equatorial temperature of around 10 degrees fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius). However its abundance of metalergical resources, (including several rare compounds essential to the construction of interstellar engines) and thin atmosphere make it a perfect launching point for space-faring vehicles.

New Crete has become a center for ship production across dozens of human worlds, carrying out large scale production of spacecraft and other heavy machinery from material mining to testing and design of new ships, with little outside influence.

However, because of the planet's low temperatures food cannot be grown in large enough quantities to support New Crete's relatively large population, forming the core of New Crete's unique economic and cultural relationship with its sister planets Jeh and Hej.

Jeh and Hej grow massive quantities of crops, consuming only a fraction of their produce and shipping the rest to New Crete's many spaceports. There, some of the food is distributed to the population, and the rest is packaged processed and then transported to other human colonies. In exchange for this, New Crete sends heavy farming equipment, space craft, fuels, and infastructural technologies to Jeh/Hej.

Because of the constant flow of nourishment arriving from Jeh/Hej, New Crete is the only human world that supports no agricultural activity on its surface.

These three planets exist in a state of complete interdependence, and undeniably their partnership has enriched not only each other, but extends benefits to all of mankind's worlds