Local Bubble/Roluk
Orbital Distance: 1.39 AU
Orbital Period: 1.57 Earth Years
Radius: 7,659 km
Day Length: 22.7 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 1.29 atm
Surface Temp: 25.7 °C
Surface Gravity: 1.03 g
Mass: 1.21 Earth Masses
Natural Satellites: 1

Numen is a large forest filled planet located in the Roluk system and is the home of the roruk. Its surface is covered mostly by forests or oceans with some smaller areas closer to the poles coverd by plains and steppes.


The planet's native sapient species is the roruk, many of whom still live in early stages of civilization. The planet's forests have exceptional biodiversity and highly complex ecosystems, and interestingly many of the world's predators resemble hyenas found on old earth. The most dangerous animals tend to live on the coasts one creature of note being the coast stalker, which is what prompted the creation of the coastal fotresses that would eventually become the roruk great cities.

The roruk have a unique spiritual view on their planet: they have a deep seated fear of it. In particular, some believe that the world will consume their society if they anger it. Other species (particularly humans) have great respect this spiritual ideal.

Geography and limateEdit

The planet's surface is 50% land and 50% water by area, with 80% of the land covered by forest or jungle.

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