Ofra System
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Orbital Distance: 3.15 AU
Orbital Period: 2.63 Earth Years
Radius: 10,649 km
Day Length: 83.4 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 1.82 atm
Surface Temp: 25.7 °C
Surface Gravity: 3.18 g
Mass: 9.13 Earth Masses
Natural Satellites: 0

Located in the Ofra System is the planet Ofra. Ofra is a large planet with a heavy gravity and no seasons which has uniquely shaped its flora and fauna.

Geography Edit

Essentially one large land mass large craters from meteorites form its inland oceans. Apart from the oceans the land is mostly flat plains. The only mars on this perfect flat landscape are the mountains which surround the oceans and the great rifts in the ground where ancient rivers have worn through the ground to join the underground reservoirs.

Ecology Edit


Due to the heavy gravity, Ofran grasslands contain only corse grass and weedy shrubs. The foliage is generally a deep red-purple in colour which fades to a green-brown as it dies. Nearer the ice caps the grass is a darker blue, presumably to filter more of the energy they need from the weaker sunlight.


The two most populous animal species on Ofra are the Veles on the land and the Delmar in the oceans.

The Veles are large grazers. They stand at least 3 metres high at the shoulder and walk on four hooves. In colour they are most commonly the same deep red-purple of the grass, with streaks of the green-brown, being a more vivid red the closer they live to the ice caps. They travel in herds across the Ofran plains but seem to lay claim to one ocean, which they return to to give birth.

The Delmar are large fish. They are most commonly 2 metres in length and one metre in height while being only .6 of a metre at its widest point. Their scales are golden and their wide decorative tails are more commonly red and purple, with blue being a rare yet prised colour. They live in the inland oceans, but an eyeless subspecies is said to swim in the underground reservoirs.

Habitation by Sapient RacesEdit

No sapient race live on the surface of Ofra as none are comfortable in its heavy gravity. Some though journey to the surface with various forms of technology to hunt the Veles. Most commonly they bring some sort of device which lessens the force of the gravity felt by the hunter and are armed with large rifle like weapons.

The more sedate journeyers to Ofra will fish for the Delmar with mechanical assisted rods. The Delmar are not eaten but usually stuffed and hung as a trophy, on the other hand the meat of the veles is a great delicacy and its skin highly prized.