A very strange planet with an oxygen atmosphere, there is not much water and plantlife but there is enough to support a very small population of Roruk settlers from nearby Numen.


The planet has lower gravity than most worlds of its size. The winds of the world are harsh creating sandstorms. The sand, because of the low gravity, flows like water. This has led to the native culture adopting a form of wind-sailing for transportation and entertainment.

There are few native animals to the world, one animal of note is a small flying lizard its front legs now wings. The Pamath natives call them by a very simple name, friends, because of their habit of gliding along side wind sailers. Friends are common as wild animals and as pets.


The Roruk settlers have been on the planet a long time, long enough to develop their own unique culture and subtle racial differences. The planet was settled during the early era of roruk space travel long before intersteller travel was mastered, the people on the planet are slightly taller than roruk from elsewhere and have sand colored fur.

Strangely the Roruk of this world have never provided, nor are asked for, a candidate for their species' infamous Fighting tournament.