Rohw is a young male roruk from pamath

Personal HistoryEdit

The galactic year was 42 AR, time passed slowly on pamath, the sun was hot and the sand was everywhere. Strange fern like plants could be seen in the distance. A sandstorm was picking up, heavy boots kept rhow in place. He needed the storm to get home, the waves of sand and dust grew larger, so he stepped on his board. The fins openedand he held onto the cord, the sand and wind cought the board and it pulled him from zero to seventy within seconds, goggles kept the sand out of his eyes. The wind sweeping past his face made him afraid, but fear would have to wait until he was home.

The storm carried him, his small home was in the distance, he glided gently through the roof. Inside a few dozen friends small lizards that they kept as Pets waited to greet him. None of them had any real names, rohw couldnt even be sure they were the same lizards that were here yesterday, save for one with a black wing that seemed to favor him.

He lived here in this small hovel with his father Treli, his father was always working on some sort of secret project. Today was appearently the day he would be learning about the project, his father invited him into the workshop.

on the table was a beautiful young roruk woman, she wasnt real however. Treli explained that her name was gess named after his mother, it was what humans called an oid, or to be more specific a gynoid. They were self aware machines capable of going places and doing things that organic beings were incapable of.

According to treli its creation would put them into the history books, and of course Rohw was very happy about this, he in fact decided to celibrate. leaving home and going to a local bar, at the bar was a strange sight, an enkirid nine feet tall with a breathing apparatus. Rohw wondered what an enkirid would be doing on this side of space, other species rarely ventured to pamath, let alone the water dependent enkirid.

He paid it no mind, rohw sat alone and drank, it was his preffered celbration ritual, becoming inebriated and then having to be escorted out of the bar.

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