Although this wiki is generally free form there are restrictions and rules to keep things civil and flowing.

The Rules

1. Be courteous to others, offensive behaviour will not be tolerated;

2. Don't be afraid to edit a page, if something doesnt seem to fit change it;

Fiction project by xxkuronoxx

3. Disputes will happen, don't worry if you think something should be one way and another person things something will be another way, try to compromise;

4. Have fun;

5. Follow the rules of the current project, each project will follow certain rules, while that project is active it is the soul focus of the wikis attention, if you have an idea for a new project contact an administrator.

6. The rule of the RED LINK this is not a very strict rule, but generally it is advised that you inlcude five red links in any article you create, links are created by incasing a word in two brackets on each side [[]]

7. For art watermarks and signatures are encouraged, especially if the art is of good quality.

8. Content from other fictional universes is NOT allowed, aswell art is not allowed to be put on this website without the artists specific permission.

9. All donated pictures from deviantart or elsewhere require one thing when put on a page, the alt-text must read as teh creators name or website (hover over the image with your mouse to view alt text)

Who does this belong to

This is the problem with this wiki, you are giving up original content into a public everyone can edit form, once it is on this wiki you are giving it up, if you dont want something you write to belong to the public dont write it here, of course if you want something you have written deleted simply contact and administrator and thus it no longer exsists as part of the wiki and thus belongs to you, but dont be to upset if someone else has taken the idea while it was up on the wiki.

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