Local Bubble/Forseti
Orbital Distance: 5.24 AU
Orbital Period: 5.63 Earth Years
Radius: 5,210 km
Day Length: 49.2 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 0.975 atm
Surface Temp: -4.3 °C
Surface Gravity: 0.86 g
Mass: 0.977 Earth Masses
Natural Satellites: 1

Sigurd is a naturally habitable human occupied world in the Forseti system, and is the local base of opperations for TerrEx within the system. Due to Sigurd's long day, the mining crews will usually have one shift during the day and another at night. The effects of these awkward hours on the crews are limited by artificial lighting inside the crew buildings that dim and brighten according to a 24.6 hour schedual, or half of Sigurd's day. In addition to the long hours is the cold weather which can drop to minus 30 near the equator during the 1.4 year long winter. However due to the formation of permafrost during the winter, most pit-mining operations are shut down until the soil thaws in the spring, leaving all of the workers to the relative warmth of subterrainian mining.