There are different classifications for species. They range from Primal to Space-age Civilization. One species may not belong to just one stage of civilization, tpyically each species has members that exsist at each level.


The Species is focused on survival, typically they are hunter gatherers possibly travelling in family bands, there may or may not be language at this point in their development and it can be difficult to determine if the species is in fact sapient.


Species gathers in small groups. They have basic technology such as wheels, wooden and/or stone weapons. Usually ruled by superstition and myth

Civilization- Early StageEdit

The species creates towns or city-states. They have roads, carts, houses. They usually gain the ability to smith. Laws and governments are formed.

Civilization- Intermediate StageEdit

Countries are formed. Governments and laws are abundant. The creation of complex cities and use of concrete (or similar complex materials). Creation of simple machines.

Civilization- Advanced StageEdit

Complex machinery is created such as cars, planes, even spaceships.

Space AgeEdit

The discovery of interstellar travel. Technology previously invented is improved, it is made better, safer, cleaner.