Terrestrial Extractions (TerrEx) is a human owned terrestrial mining company that specializes in extracting raw resources from dangerous environments. Founded in 23 A.R., the company has seen steady growth over its history and now has operations covering 17 planets in 11 systems. Originally only a provider of raw resources, TerrEx has recently branched out into material processing, however most of their outgoing product is still raw.


TerrEx started as a small mining company on Terra's moon Apollo, and provided much of the resources used durring the planet's construction boom. Eventually, TerrEx expanded to other systems to meet the increasing demands from the ever growing population on Terra. The most ambitious of these is their project in the Forseti system which covers two planets and numerous planetoids and moons. TerrEx established this massive project after reaching an agreement with Hakato Drive Systems to provide them with the resources and materials they need for their shipyard at Ullr.


Most of TerrEx's mining equipment is provided by WT Mining with the exception of their telepresence machines which are mostly purchased from Cogitum Engineering. While they previously outsourced freight transport to other companies, as part of their agreement with HDS, TerrEx bought several cargo ships and loading stations from them and has taken over much of their own transporting.