The Fiction Project by carnivalfish

The Fiction ProjectEdit

Welcome to the fiction project, a website dedicated to the creation of new and original fictional universes for the use of anyone and everyone. Anyone is allowed to edit and add completely new and original content, building a dynamic and ever changing canvas upon which writers can build their masterpieces. The website also serves as a place for amateur writers to exercise their abilities and show their potential, have fun.

The GoalEdit

To create things that do not exsist and cannot exist, universe by universe, one project after another. We aim to push the limits of human imagination beyond what is thought possible, to see through the eyes of others and to discover the dreams we all share.

Do you wish to join us? Then check the current project page for more info, and if you happen to have a deviantart account hook up with our group [1]

And just in case you dont know how to edit a wiki, here is a short tutorial video.

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