The University of Terra is the single largest university in human space and is modelled after several of earth's the greatest universities. Even though it has an student population that routinely exceeds 100,000, it is one of the most difficult univesities to enroll in as often more than 80% of applicants are rejected. approximatly 2% of the student body is non-human.


The university houses a wide array of faculties, ranging from engineering and science to fine arts and the humanities. The university also caters to more esoteric fields such as xenopaleontology and terraforming. The university is primarily a learing institution with research taking a back seat to education.

Notable research projectsEdit

The xenopaleontology department is currently engaged in a dig on Sogundai in an attempt to discover more about an extinct sapient species. They are also working with research staff from the faculty of engineering in an attempt to better understand the technology that the species used.

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